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Tel. 52 (55) 1101 5731

Paseo de las Palmas 920. Lomas de Chapultepec. C.P. 11000

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Tel. 52 (33) 3630 6028

J. Ma. Heredia 2405 Lomas de Guevara. C.P. 44657

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Call us on 619 528 2360

311 Camino Del Rio North,Suite 400. San Diego, CA. 92108

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Our organization is a shared and collaborative development community where we all work as the means to achieve the transformation of reality. In doing so, under our culture of productivity, this translates into the enrichment of our worker’s distinct capacities.


MTQ is a Mexican company dedicated to offering design and construction services to both private and public sectors.
In MTQ we are task driven to create a specific design profile for every project, in doing so we achieve the construction of all of our projects in the most professional manner.
We work towards the realization of projects and constructions for every area of development: recreational, corporate, retail, industrial, residential, educational, urban development and also mission critical, in which we have built data centers, hospitals and research and development centers. With this, we have had a wide range of top tier clientele such as: HP, IBM, JABIL, GRUPO BIMBO, IXE, HITACHI, CISCO, INTEL, ITESM and CASA HERRADURA, amongst others.


MTQ has experienced a steady growth, through which we have designed and built a great number of our projects, that total over 75,000 ft of construction; also developing a wide range of residential and urban development projects, we have made possible 5 medical center projects and have designed over 50,000 ft of corporate and architectural project.
Amongst all of above, we have erected:
• Museums
• Ecological Parks
• Shopping malls
• Night clubs
• Golf courses
• Libraries
• Public and private Universities
• Industrial and corporate complexes.


Since the birth of MTQ there was no doubt in our mind, our company’s motto would be to uphold the highest quality, this throughout the years has allowed us in turn to develop our competitive edge in all our services, integrating every function, method and process of our company into the satisfaction of the specific needs of our clients, always going beyond their expectations.
Today, our Total Quality Management defines and distinctly identifies us. It has been a truly successful work and development framework.