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The “Fiestas de Octubre” in Guadalajara are since 1965 one of the most particular and highly anticipated festivities for the state of Jalisco. For a whole month there will be a diverse array of cultural events that bring forth memories of the traditions of the region; everything from dance performances, to art exhibits find a place to flourish all over the city.

this year, however, the construction of a new compound will give place to the festival that usually is resided in the Benito Juarez Auditorium. A proposal solely in its conceptual phase by LEAP+MTQ ARCHITECTS, in this moment is in the works to be an executive project by the Patronage of the Fiestas de Octubre, to break ground by February; which can also be found in the state of Jalisco’s “Banco de Proyectos Futuros” or Future Projects Bank reference.

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