mtq-vineta-titulosMTQ HISTORY 

mtq-antecedentes-iThe origin of the company dates back to 1994 with the foundation of CAVIN CONSTRUCCIONES. The company was established and started with the construction of residential buildings. Within six years the company decided to diversify and in 2001 founded MTQ, to expand their field of action offering Project Management, Architectural & Engineering, “Design & Build” services.


Since the company’s foundation, MTQ offers its clients quality services. As a result, MTQ has achieved along its history not only a sustainable growth, but also client satisfaction. MTQ knows the importance of the Value Chain, and considers this as a strategic part of its business. Because of that, we create win-win situations to establish long term relationships with our clients.


As a part of their internationalization process, in 2009 MTQ initiated activities in Costa Rica, and is starting with negotiations to open offices in Panama and USA.

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